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* * clothing co., LTD. Is a large professional engaged in the clothing and related product research and development, design, production, marketing, agent for the integration of clothing company, and have professional advertising penhui branch, the long-term planning for companies to build one hundred brand laid a solid foundation.
The company always adhere to the "product innovation, differentiation; market integration, global change, benefit sharing, in the changes in alignment self positioning" business philosophy, "the pursuit of the biggest customer satisfaction" as the service tenet, following age popular trend, make all kinds of clothing products always walk in the market front, do each pop.
The company has all kinds of advanced manufacturing equipment and good infrastructure, has an excellent team of thousands of people. The company by the international quality system for the advanced production management, the production of raw materials strict screen first, the production process of the process control to ensure that the products of high quality and outstanding achievements in the market, the enterprise product quality and service quality will get greater ascension.
The company independent research and development design production of all kinds of high and middle western-style clothes, clothing, tooling, school uniform, medical clothing, advertising t-shirts, t-shirts and service industries with installed, all kinds of clothing products for each big market best-selling. We will further relying on high-quality staff team, advanced sophisticated production equipment, and through the faithful innovation marketing services.
We always believe that, there's a give and rewards. We will be through the apparel design and production of the "little fine, reflect the perfect" and the products the higher performance to price ratio, to help your business more successful!

Qiu dong outfit

Qiu dong outfit choose high-grade polyester cover cotton production and become, wash durable, do not shrink do not fade. Seiko secret agents, excellent quality, novel design, USES the high standards of surface, auxiliary materials, low prices, according to processing directly supply price.